Turris Communications Ltd. Announces Acquisition of GLENTEL Solutions – Western Canada


On September 21st, Turris Communications Ltd. (a division of Turris Group) announced the acquisition of Glentel Solutions in Western Canada. Glentel Solutions brings with it 50+ years of experience in providing leading-edge and customized wireless communication solutions.

Effective as of September 21, the acquisition included the former Glentel Solution’s locations in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Medicine Hat and Vancouver as well as their talented sales, service and administration team. Turris Communications now has the most advanced technical service staff of its kind focused on serving the mining, oil and gas, public safety, and utilities industries. The acquisition will provide former Glentel Solutions employees with a solid foundation for their future, and will continue to provide all their radio customers with exceptional service.

Now with active operations Canada-wide, Turris Communications Ltd. (a division of Turris Group) provides wireless network solutions for two-way radio, SCADA monitoring, fleet communications management, and emergency services infrastructure.