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Turris is a multi-discipline engineering and technical services group of companies that provide full turnkey services for the telecommunications, broadcasting and wind monitoring industries throughout Canada and the US, and beyond.

Turris Steel Inc. is a general structural steel fabricator for buildings and other applications.

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Tower Engineering

Turris is expert in providing engineering, and complete professional services for the tower industry. As an established provider of total solutions, Turris engineers work closely with its partner companies, subcontractors and suppliers to provide a seamless result.

Construction and Project Management

Turris provides full turnkey services for the telecommunications, broadcasting and tower construction industries throughout Canada and the US, ranging from the initial site construction of towers, or other special structures to site modifications, equipment installations, testing and integration.

Structural Steel Buildings

Turris Steel Inc. is a leading structural steel fabricator that has been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and southwestern Ontario since 2003. Our broad experience and range of capabilities coupled with our attention to detail give us the edge in quality where our team of professionals are involved through all stages of your project to ensure its quick completion and success.

Tower Supply

Turris provides a complete range of tower products designed and fabricated in accordance with the latest CSA S37 or ANSI/TIA-222 Standards.

Tower Inspection and Maintenance

Turris provides a complete inspection and condition assessment services for towers and rooftop sites used for telecommunication and broadcast services.

Site Development and Management

Turris is a leader in site acquisition, development and operation of communication tower sites in Canada. Turris Sites Management Group provides site acquisition services to major network operators as well as operation and management of over 300 communication sites across Canada.

RAM Safety Products

The RAM safety climb system is designed to provide fall protection while climbing or descending a variety of ladders or vertical structures. Applications include telecommunication towers, light poles, water towers, hydroelectric towers, stacks or any other climbable structure that requires permanently placed climbing protection.

Tower Engineering Software

TowerSoft Inc. Provides the state-of-the-art structural analysis software for communication towers structure and foundation.

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