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Turris is a multi-discipline engineering and technical services group of companies that provide full turnkey services for the telecommunications, broadcasting and wind monitoring industries throughout Canada and the US, and beyond. Turris services include initial site acquisition, design and engineering, fabrication and installation of towers, special structures and rooftop sites as well as communication sites management, existing sites analysis and modifications, equipment installations, testing and integration.

Turris Steel Inc. is a general structural steel fabricator for buildings and other applications.

Turris has a depth of experience in tall towers unrivalled in the industry from conceptual design through ensuring code compliance for existing structures.
Our teams also provide site Inspection & Maintenance programs including routine inspections, Tower Analysis, in addition to providing tower mapping and auditing services.

John Wahba, Ph.D., P.Eng., P.E. Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Wahba is recognized internationally for his tower engineering – a reputation earned through over 25 years of experience in structural engineering at the design and research level. Dr. Wahba has designed some the world’s most complex towers – Most notably the 398m “hybrid tower” in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Dr. Wahba has co-authored several publications in the field of dynamic and static analyses of guyed towers. He holds engineering licenses in over forty jurisdictions across North America and is an active contributing member on many technical committees and standards.  He is currently the Chairman of the Canadian Standards CSA S37 technical committee and a member of the executive committee of the American Standards TIA-222 as well as the international group IASS Technical Experts Group on Towers and Masts.


Susan Roger, CPA, CGA Chief Financial Officer
As Turris’ CFO, Susan Roger provides the group with critical financial insight and strategic support to senior management. Ms. Roger is responsible for the leadership and coordination of the companies’ financial reporting, planning, financing, and budget management. Ms. Roger has extensive financial management expertise and has spent over 25 years of her career working in the communications industry. Ms. Roger holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a CPA and CGA designation.


Rafik Ibrahim, P.Eng., PMP Senior Vice President, Operations
Rafik Ibrahim is an accomplished Telecom leader with over 20 years of experience in network-build, augmentation and expansion. Most recently Mr. Ibrahim led the end-to-end network deployment and launch for a national wireless carrier spanning from site acquisition to construction and site commissioning.  In his role with Turris, Rafik oversees the operations of the group of companies, working with a talented team of engineers and project managers to offer creative solutions and technical expertise. Mr. Ibrahim is a client focused, delivery oriented and growth driven leader with trust and successful customer relationships at the forefront.  Rafik holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a double specialization in Design and Industrial Engineering. He is a member of the PEO, OIQ and PMI.


Mirjana Lukac, P.Eng., Vice President, Engineering
Ms. Lukac has more than 30 years’ experience in tower industry. She started her professional career as project engineer on the transmission tower international contracts.  For the last 25 years she held various senior positions in the communication tower engineering field in North America. She is a licensed professional engineer in nine Canadian provinces. Ms. Lukac has been leading the engineering group at Turris since 2017.


Mike McLaughlin, Turris Contractors Inc. Vice President, Operations
As Turris Contractors Inc. Vice President, Operations.  Mr. Mclaughlin has over 25 years of experience in the telecom construction industry with extensive experience in the wireline as well as the wireless sites construction, maintenance and network deployments across Canada with the country’s major service providers.  He has been instrumental to Turris Contractors growth with an exceptional customer service approach.


Tony Fonseca, P.E., Turris Services Inc. (US), Executive Vice President
is Turris Services Inc. Executive Vice President.  Mr. Fonseca has over 30 years of broadcast tower experience in the United States. He has been responsible and involved in all phases of the tower industry, included tower and foundation design, detailing, fabrication, construction and quality assurance of broadcast tower structures.  Tony has an extensive experience in the field of tower inspections, rigging operations, tower and antenna installations, tower modifications and management of field technicians and tower crews.  He is a member of ASCE, AWS, and SBE


Santino Spadafora, Turris Steel Inc., Vice President
As Turris Steel, Vice President he has over 20 years’ experience in the structural steel fabrication industry with a vast experience in estimating, fabrication, purchasing, materials management and overseeing the entire manufacturing departments. Mr. Spadafora has an Architectural / Engineering technologist Diploma and several formal training courses within the Canadian Association of Production and Inventory Control Modules (CAPICS).