Tower Supply

Turris provides a complete range of tower products designed and fabricated in accordance with the latest CSA S37 or ANSI/TIA-222 Standards.

The versatile products offering of Turris tower products allows it to accommodate a variety of customer requirements for towers ranging from 12m [40 ft] to 600m [2000 ft.   Turris supplies the following tower products:

Guyed Masts

All welded mast sections of 0.6m [24”], 0.9m [36”] and 1.2m [42”]
Knock down mast sections of 1.3m [48”], 1.4m [55”] and 3.0m [120”]

Self-Supporting Towers

All welded tower sections for tower heights up to of 45m [150 ft]
Knock down tubular leg towers
Knock down angle leg towers

Flange connected poles
Flag poles
Shrouded Poles

Aesthetic and Special Structures

Shrouded triangular shaped structures (Tri-poles)
Vierendeel type structures

Turris supplies a variety of optional Items with the tower products when required:

  • Pre-cast foundations
  • Grounding kit
  • Painting & aviation warning lighting systems
  • Antenna mounts and supports
  • Fall arresting devices and accessories
  • Transmission line bridge
  • Antenna ice-guards
  • Lightning rod.
  • Transmission line support and brackets
  • Cable ladder to support transmission lines
  • Rest, work, and antenna platforms
  • Anti-climb systems