Construction and Project Management

Turris provides full turnkey services for the telecommunications, broadcasting and tower construction industries throughout Canada and the US; ranging from the initial site construction of towers, or other special structures to site modifications and equipment installations, testing and integration.

Our teams bring a wealth of experience in planning, and managing site construction, from a wide variety of structures in new site build to upgrades and modifications on existing structures. Turris construction team has a depth of experience in tall towers unrivalled in the industry

New site build:

Turris provides exceptional and streamlined service in this domain. Our teams bring a wealth of knowledge working on numerous projects from supporting site acquisition teams in their search for the optimal location, providing conceptual drawings and renderings to facilitate landlord approvals, zoning and permitting processes all through structural design, fabrication and implementation, including representing our customers in pre and post construction meetings with landlords and or municipalities.

Equipment upgrade:

As the technology continuously evolve, we are keen in providing our teams with the required trainings, equipping them with state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure unrivalled performance in installing or upgrading telecommunication systems with minimal to no service disruption.


Maintenance is an integral part of the industry, whether it is a routine maintenance, or an emergency call out, our teams are fully equipped to perform a variety of repairs from structural to equipment troubleshooting or replacements. Our Engineers, Project Managers and Maintenance crews work closely using our proprietary project management software to achieve affective collaboratively to ensure that any site issues are effectively and promptly corrected.


Turris Contractors is ISO 9001 certified company